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**********NEW WEBSITE COMING FOR 2020********** 

This is a rental platform for the owners to advertise their Rv's, commercial trailers, water craft, off road vehicles and luxury cars for rent.
Owners are responsible for the safety and upkeep on these rentals. 
​Two night minimum (Rv's only) (Time of pick ups and drop offs vary) 

​​​Privately owned RV, commercial trailers, water craft, off road and luxury/Exotic vehicles for the public to enjoy

Here is your chance to explore the National Parks and Coast line on your own quality time.

If you are interested in adding your RV, commercial trailer, water craft, off road or luxury/exotic vehicle to this website please go to list my rental.   
How to reserve:
• Go to Rental
• See available dates
• Fill out the Paypal security deposit 
• Fill in the dates needed, phone number and destination 
• Click on Pay Pal security deposit to reserve your dates

This will be your security/cleaning deposit and will be used to deducted any over miles and if the unit is not clean ($91 HR MIN) or dumped ($100 FEE) upon return. There will be a $50 charge for washing the rental from your deposit if unit is not washed upon return. 
Hassle free dump and clean available for $150 (Deducted from security deposit) 
(Bucket, brush  and squeegee supplied in some units) 

​Renter will pay a minimum of two days from their deposit if any rental is returned with damage that causes loss of future rentals for repairs. In the event of damage caused by the renter and a claim was filed, QTR will hold the security deposit till the repairs are complete. 

Once the reservations are made we will send you the rental agreement to contact your insurance or you can contact the info below. Trucks pulling trailer must supply the owner with a current copy of their insurance policy at time of pick up.
If you are using your own insurance here is the coverage that will be needed.
BI $50,000 Per Person Limit
BI $100,000 Occurrence Limit
PD $25,000 Occurrence Limit
COLL $1,000 Ded Per Occurrence
Comp $1,000 Ded Per Occurrence
We suggest adding road side assistance too

WINTER rentals are subject to weather and location.

​​Invoice and rental agreements will be emailed to you within 48 hours of security deposit received. Invoice to be paid at time of pick up or delivery.

QTR LLC Is not responsible for items left in the rentals upon return. ​​

For additional info or specs on any of the rentals please contact us below:

QualityTime Rentals LLC
Phone: 916-749-9925
Fax: 916-644-6002
E-mail: Office@qualitytimerentals.com


We are in the process of building a better platform for our owners and renters to use.  A platform that will have:
Commercial trailers
Off road vehicles
Luxury cars 

So please stay tuned and safe travels ​